For the Self- made

For the adornment of societies;
Heathens & the Undefined...

We are an artist owned, designed, and operated Indie Brand based out of Seattle, Washington. We specialize in unique graphic designed apparel and accessories that are made with soul and made just for you, when you order it.
At The Unicorn Asylum;Every Order/ Piece is a designer, one-of-a kind made product and is created just for you when you order it. Which means the T-shirts are screen printed, the fabric of the shoes are printed and your shoe is assembled and so on.. Some pieces, like our dresses or cardigans are even printed and hand stitched together, as you can imagine this takes a bit of time, usually the item can be created within 5-7 business days (M-F) This means 5 to 7 days in the production process -This does not including shipping times. However, it can vary based upon the product, and each product page will list an estimate production time, your patience is needed and appreciated and believe us, so worth it!

The Unicorn Asylum was birthed in June 2018 by Seattle Artist Marlita Reed.
Marlita is a visionary artist that wanted to create a brand that represented the awakened feminine spirit. Intelligent, bold, courageous, self -aware and conscious of the world around her.She can redefine herself daily, because she is on a path of transformation. She has evolved beyond what society expects of her and is the creator of her own reality. She embraces her light, and accepts her darkness, her perceived flaws make her unique, her scars make her wise, and her insecurities are the fears that will fertilize the growth into her power.Whoever she chooses to be is sacred, profound, and above all The Unicorn Asylum is her safe haven of self expression.Our products are made by artisans ,designers, and some are even made specifically for you, when you order. When we say designer, we mean an artist who has put there love and soul into creating something functional and beautiful for your adornment. If you are an artist or designer that feels a resonance with what we are about and you would like us to show case your products click here for an application. (Please allow up to 2 weeks for your application to be reviewed). We also have a mind/ body/ spirit column if you would like to contribute, and have your voice heard, please feel free to contact us!

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